Review Procedure

General information
1.1. Rules of reviewing the manuscripts submitted for publication to the Online academic journal «Bulletin of the Institute of Law of the Bashkir State University»
Manuscripts submitted for publication to the journal are checked for compliance with technical requirements and compliance profile of the journal. Materials that do not meet these requirements are returned to the authors with explanations about the reasons of refusal to publish. Accepted papers are distributed by category, in accordance with the research area. Information about the accepted articles is posted on the journal’s website.
1.2. Peer review method is carried out in order to maintain a high scientific and theoretical level of the journal.
1.3. Materials submitted to peer reviewing should be represented strictly in accordance with the requirements to publication.
Peer Review Process
2.1. Peer review method is mandatory for processing of all scientific manuscripts submitted to the editorial stuff of the journal. 
2.2. The journal is using «ANTIPLAGIAT» software for plagiarism detection in all manuscripts. Only original works are acceptable for publication in journal. Papers will be rejected from any stage of the publication process if plagiarism will be fined. The editorial stuff reserves the right not to inform the author of the peer review results.
2.3. Editor-in-chief chooses readers for peer review.The reviewers are chosen out of the most competent specialists on the topic of the article. Members of the editorial board and leading global experts in corresponding areas of sciences, invited as independent readers, perform peer reviews.
2.4. Reviewing of manuscripts is carried out anonymously.It means that neither the reviewer has the information of the authorship of the manuscript, nor the author maintains any contact with the reviewer. The reviewers are notified that the articles are protected by copyright laws.
2.5. The review period is 2 weeks, though in some cases the schedule may be adjusted at the reviewer’s request or in case of temporary inability to attract to the reviewing the  expert in corresponding area of science.
2.6. Following consideration of the manuscript, the reviewer makes his recommendations:
– to accept the paper in its present state;
– the article is recommended for publication after correcting reviewer noted deficiencies;
– the article cannot be published in the journal .
2.7. The author of the manuscript has an opportunity to receive the text of the review. After a positive review without comments, the article is accepted for publication and the author is notified about it. If the article is generally assessed positively, but there are some observations, the article along with the comments is sent back to the author for revision.
2.8. The editorial board reaches final decision to reject or to publish a manuscript. The editor-in-chief has a right to sent the the article to another reviewer in case of negative review.