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The online academic journal «Bulletin of the Institute of Law of the Bashkir State University» is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes original articles on all aspects of Law. It was established on the platform of the Bashkir State University in 2018. The Journal’s aim is the cooperation in legal science among Bashkir, Russian and foreign researchers, it publishes scientific papers on acute problems of different branches of modern national law and international law.
The purpose of the Journal is to provide scientific background for promoting modern achievements and experience in the use of innovative technologies and various forms of educational activity in the field of Law. It’s a perfect platform not only for well-known scientists but also for young researchers (doctoral students and post-graduate students), deeply involved in scientific and pedagogical activities.
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Legal address of the founder: 450076, Republic of Bashkortostan, Ufa, Zaki Validy St, 32.
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Ruslan I. Zaynullin – Candidate of Sciences (Law), Associate Professor, Acting Director of the Institute of Law, Bashkir State University, Ufa.
Title, place and year of Ph.D. defense: Theoretical and practical problems of confrontation procedure involving a minor accused: Ph.D. thesis in Law Science  – 12.00.09 – criminal procedure, criminalistics, legal expertise, law enforcement intelligence operations.  South Ural State University, 2008.
Subjects taught: criminalistics, the problems of investigation the crimes committed by minors.
Key publications:
1. Makarenko I.A., Zajnullin R.I., Haliullina A.F. Obshcheteoreticheskie osnovy rassledovaniya prestuplenij nesovershennoletnih [General theoretical basis for the investigation of juvenile crimes: a textbook for academic undergraduate studies]. Moscow, Yurayt Pabl., 2017. 205 p.
2. Zajnullin R.I. Some questions of the inquiry performance in short-hand form. Pravovoe gosudarstvo: teoriya i praktika = The rule of law: theory and practice, 2017, no. 1, pp. 145–149. (In Russian).
3. Zajnullin R.I.; Makarenko I.A. (ed.). Ochnaya stavka s uchastiem nesovershennoletnego obvinyaemogo [A confrontation involving a minor accused]. Moscow, 2016. 211 p.
4. Zajnullin R.I. On the conceptual basis for creating a unified system of forensic institutions in the Russian Federation. Pravovoe gosudarstvo: teoriya i praktika = The rule of law: theory and practice, 2016, no. 4, pp. 153–157. (In Russian).
5. Zajnullin R.I. Problems of participation of the legal representative of a minor suspect accused of investigating crimes: criminal procedural and forensic aspects. Rossijskij sledovatel' = Russian investigator, 2016, no. 4, pp. 3–6. (In Russian).